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Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett to Visit with Titans

Jim Wyatt tweeted earlier today that the Tennessee Titans have scheduled a pre-draft visit with former Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett.  The visit will take place April 12th and 13th according to Wyatt.  Here is to hoping that this is nothing more than the Titans doing their due diligence on Mallett.  We have been over this a million times, but I will say it again, Mallett has the arm to be a good NFL quarterback, but I don't think he has the head or mobility to be successful.

So far we know the Titans have visits scheduled with Jake Locker, Von Miller and Mallett.  There hasn't been word yet about visits with either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert.  That could be a sign that the Titans aren't looking QB with the 8th pick, or it could mean absolutely nothing at all.  You can't read much into what teams say or do in the weeks leading up to the draft because they are very cautious not to show their hand.