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Titans to Hold Workouts at Father Ryan During the Lockout

Cortland Finnegan told Darren McFarland today that some players on the Titans are going to be getting together for workouts starting Monday.  The workouts will be held at Father Ryan High School here in Nashville.  Here is part of what Finnegan had to say:

We've got to keep on keeping on. We've got to keep working out. We've set up a place, a great place to work out, not at the Titans facility, but we've just got to be ready whenever it gets worked out.
Finnegan also said he is taking a cue from former Titan Kyle Vanden Bosch who has organized similar workouts for his teammates with the Detroit Lions according to the Detroit Free Press.

We had talked earlier about the Titans needing a player that would step up and put something like this together, and I am excited to hear today that Finnegan has done just that.  Hopefully the workouts will be well attended and will go a long way toward getting the guys ready for the 2011 season- when and if it kicks off.