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Bud Adams With a Message for the Fans

Apparently Bud saw our poll and decided it was important to get a message out to sway you this his side.

The message after the jump.

To our fans:

I want to address with you where we are as a league and as a team as we enter this time of labor uncertainty. We were all disappointed about the mediation coming to an end and the collective bargaining agreement expiring with the union on Friday. As a league, we believe that any agreement will have to be reached at the bargaining table with the union and not through the court system. We hope that those negotiations can be resumed sooner rather than later. I have a great deal of faith in the bargaining process and those who are leading us at the league level. I believe a lot of progress was made over the past two weeks through mediation and that the offer made by the NFL last Friday was done so in good faith and with the hope that it would lead to a resolution.

I know our fans are frustrated by Friday’s developments. We appreciate their long-term support and please know that we want to get this solved.

From a team perspective, we have a plan moving forward. Our coaches are watching tape to get familiar with our current personnel, putting together playbooks, exchanging ideas and preparing for the NFL Draft. Our other football people continue to prepare for the draft as well as plan for how to improve our team once there is an agreement. We will be ready as an organization once football activity resumes.