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A Big Week of Pro Days Ahead

This is a big week for pro days around the country.  LSU starts off the week today where Patrick Peterson will be the main attraction.  There is talk that he could be the #1 overall pick, but there is also the chance that he could fall outside of the top 5.

Tuesday brings pro days at Florida and Pittsburgh.  Those won't be of much interest to the Titans, but they will feature a few first round picks.

The main attraction Wednesday is Christian Ponder at Florida State's pro day.  I would expect the Titans to be well represented at that one with Ponder being a guy that could still be on the board at #40.

Thursday is the big daddy with Blaine Gabbert throwing for the first time since Missouri's bowl game.  It will be the first time he shows how he looks taking snaps from under center.  Chris Palmer went to Cam Newton's pro day at Auburn, and I would expect him to be on hand to see Gabbert.

We will have full recaps of how these guys look in their workouts each evening.