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NCAA March Madness Selection Show Open Thread

Selection Sunday kicks off what is one of the most exciting months in sports.  I am not a huge college basketball fan, but there is nothing like the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament every year because there are few things in sports that get the adrenaline flowing like a buzzer beater to move on to the next round.  There are so many games on those first two days, and it is always exciting to see which teams that have no business winning are going to pull off an upset.

I am holding out hope that Alabama is going to end up making the tournament, but it looks like a bad November and December might end up keeping them out.  I will say though that there is no way the selection comittee can put UGA in over Bama because Bama beat them twice.

I am excited to see where Belmont ends up in the bracket.  They had a really good season, and I have seen them projected as high as a 12 seed in some brackets.  I bet they end up with a 13.

Discuss the selection show here.  Tell us who got in that shouldn't have, and who was left out that deserved to dance.