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Titans to Meet with TCU QB Andy Dalton

Adam Caplan of says that TCU QB Andy Dalton was really good at his pro day last week.  Caplan reports that Dalton was 49 of 52 passing with two of the incompletions being drops.  He also says that Dalton showed really good arm strenght on numerous occasions:

On one throw, he rolled out right and completed a 60-yard pass on the run, which is important when you look at his arm strength. The one legitimate knock on Dalton is his perceived lack of ideal arm strength. However, there are certain times when he has shown better than expected power on his throws.

Caplan also mentions in that article that the Titans are on the list of teams that Dalton is expected to meet with before the draft.  I am on the Dalton bandwagon.  He is a guy that is all but a sure bet to still be sitting there at #40, and he seems like he has all of the tools to be a good NFL QB.  Draft you stud in the first round, draft Dalton in the second round, and pray that the CBA gets done in enough time to find a veteran to mentor Dalton for a year.