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MCM Saturday Night: Worst Non-Titans Sports Heartbreak

We might end up having a lot of "getting to know you" type posts if this lockout drags on... Tonight let's talk about our biggest sports heartbreak that didn't come from a Titans game.

Mine would have to be the "Bartman Game" back in 2003. I don't blame the loss on Bartman. I blame the loss on Alex Gonzalez not being able to turn the double play on Miguel Cabrera's groundball. If he turns the double play there the inning is over and the Cubs still lead 3-1. Instead they got nobody, and the flood gates were opened. I also blame Cubs management for having Kyle Farnsworth on the roster, and I blame Dusty Baker because I really cannot stand him. He did do the right thing by leaving Mark Prior in the game though because that bullpen couldn't get anyone out.

There is mine. Now it is your turn. Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour tonight.