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2011 MCM Mock Draft - Pick #40

With the 40th pick of the 2011 Music City Miracles Mock Draft, the Dallas Cowboys (represented by TitanFan2K duslin?) select:

Well, I have no idea. See if you can make it out:

its funny how everyone b4 the season was all bla bla nla the cowboys are so great but u guys are all 30-50 year old guys who sit on there butt and drink beer and watch football and i know more bout football than anyone of u so i knew the cowboys wernt any good my football smarts also tells me that terrence newmann is nto any good the cowboys need a good cb i would take rasi dowling but he didnt go to texas and aaron williams did go to texas aarin willams probly got some leftover superpowers that vy leftover when he left texas aron wlliams is the best pick ever now but you gyys probly disnt know that sense you dont knwo as much about football as i do with this pick and my 1st round pick of adrain calyborn tha cowboys would surly have the best defense ever u may say im wrong that may be true but remember i know more bout football thany any of you muha

I think it's this guy:

Aaron Williams, CB, University of Texas

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

But I am not real sure.

Now on the clock: redskinsmarc and the Washington Redskins

  1. New England Patriots - Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami
  2. Buffalo Bills - Cam Newton, QB, AU
  3. Cincinnati Bengals - Christian Ponder, QB, FSU
  4. Denver Broncos - Kenrick Ellis, DT, Hampton
  5. Cleveland Browns - Kyle Rudolph, TE, ND
  6. Arizona Cardinals - Martez Wilson, LB, UI
  7. Tennessee Titans - Marvin Austin, DT, UNC
  8. Dallas Cowboys - Aaron Williams, CB, UT
  9. Washington Redskins -
  10. Houston Texans -
  11. Minnesota Vikings -
  12. Detroit Lions -
  13. San Francisco 49ers -
  14. Denver Broncos -
  15. St. Louis Rams -
  16. Oakland Raiders -
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars -
  18. San Diego Chargers -
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
  20. New York Giants -
  21. Indianapolis Colts - 
  22. Philadelphia Eagles -
  23. Kansas City Chiefs -
  24. New Orleans Saints -
  25. Seattle Seahawks -
  26. Baltimore Ravens -
  27. Atlanta Falcons -
  28. New England Patriots -
  29. San Diego Chargers - 
  30. Chicago Bears -
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers -
  32. Green Bay Packers -