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2011 NFL Draft: Is Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara Worth the 8th Pick?

A few weeks back I told you that Todd McShay has Jimmy Smith out of Colorado as his #2 corner behind Patrick Peterson. I thought it was odd at the time considering everything else that I had seen had Nebraska corner Prince Amukamara as the #2 corner and a top 10 pick. Now Wes Bunting of National Football Post has an article on Prince saying that he might end up being a free safety in the NFL because of his lack of straight line speed.

That brings me to the question that is posed in the headline; Is he worth the 8th overall pick? My answer to that would be no. If I am taking a defensive back in the top 10 he has to be a shut down corner. It is looking more and more like Peterson is the only shut down corner in this draft. I would take him at 8 but not Amukamara.

The Titans faced a decision like this one in 2005 when they took Pacman Jones with the 6th pick. Antrel Rolle, who Bunting compares Prince to in his article, was probably a guy the Titans considered, but a lot of people were saying he would be a safety in the NFL. Those people ended up being right.