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Titans Coaching Search: Jerry Gray Reportedly Offered Defensive Coordinator Position

Rod Mar - AP
Rod Mar - AP

According to Terry McCormick of, Titans head coach Mike Munchak has spoken with current Texas Longhorns DB coach Jerry Gray and offered him the defensive coordinator position. The ball is in Gray's court on whether he wants to be a position coach at his alma mater, or a rejoin the first NFL team he coached for. In the comments of the article, McCormick mentions that a decision could come as quickly as in the next two days.

Gray was the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills from 2001-2005, including two years where he coached the second best defense in the league. The rest of his defenses were nowhere near as good.. After being fired in 2005, his specialty became defensive backs, coaching the Redskins DBs for 3 years until joining Pete Caroll's staff last year. Read Jimmy's profile on Gray here.

One thing's for sure, Munch isn't wasting any time making decisions. It also seems more and more like he has a clear path for this team that he's been thinking about carefully.