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Titans Will Interview Bruce Matthews For Offensive Line Coach

Because Matthews did not sign new contract he agreed on 2 weeks ago, Titans don't have to ask for permission.less than a minute ago via web

John McClain weighed in with this tidbit earlier today to inform us that the Titans don't have to ask for the Texans permission to interview Bruce Matthews. What this means is that Matthews will be the Titans offensive line coach in 2011. Matthews and new Titans head coach Mike Munhcak are best friends. They introduced each other for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so I don't think there is anyway Bruce turns down a chance to come work with Munch.

Of couruse returning to Tennessee also means that he will get to work with his son, Kevin, who is on the Titans roster. I wonder how that works under Bud Adams's nepotism policy. I wouldn't think he would make a big deal out of that, but you never know with Bud.

In related news, DonFrancisco is happier than any of you that Matthews will be joining the staff. You could hear him chanting "BRUUUUUUUUUUCE" above everyone else when Matthews was introduced before games.