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Initial Impressions from Titans Coach Mike Munchak's Press Conference

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Mike Munchak just wrapped up his introductory press conference as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, and I come away from it feeling pretty good. Munchak talked a lot about change, and he talked more about the influence of Joe Paterno on him than he did Jeff Fisher. My biggest fear heading into this was that Munchak wouldn't want things to change that much from the way they were done under Fisher, but I am not worried about that at all after hearing him talk today. He talked about how his teams are going to be disciplined and prepared. It sure would be nice to see some discipline around these parts.

Munchak also would not say whether or not Mike Heimerdinger would return as the offensive coordinator. He said he is going to evaluate things and get the guy that is best for the job.

He also made the point to say that it is a quarterback league, and it is all about finding the right quarterback. That really is the most important thing for the success of this franchise. It is more important than who the head coach is and more important than who the offensive coordinator is.

Munch didn't give any indication of where he is looking for a defensive coordinator, but he did talk about running the scheme that fits the personnel. Reading between the lines that means that he will not be bringing in a 3-4 coordinator. He didn't rule it out as something that could happen down the road, but the Titans are a long way away from a 3-4 personnel wise.

I am excited about what Munchak is going to bring to this team. He talked a lot about preparation and discipline. Those are great places to start when you are trying to change the culture of a football team. Here's to hoping Mike Munchak is the guy that gets the Titans on the winning track.