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Titans Coaching Search: Mike Heimerdinger Planning on Staying

Heimerdinger on whether he plans to look elsewhere after losing out to Munchak: "No, not unless they make me." #Titansless than a minute ago via web

Mike Heimerdinger wants to stay on as the Titans offensive coordinator if Mike Munchak wants him. I can't see Munchak wanting to get rid of Dinger with all of the other staff hires he is going to be making so it is good that Dinger is willing to stay on.  I think Heimerdinger is the right guy to bring along the new Titans quarterback, whoever he ends up being.  I also think you will see a different Heimerdinger now that he isn't handcuffed by Jeff Fisher and Vince Young.  I know 2010 wasn't Dinger's best year, even before the cancer was discovered, but don't forget he is still the same guy that was calling the plays when Steve McNair won a co-MVP in 2003.  Don't write him off just because of last season.

I am excited about Munchak and this new era of Titans football.  After hearing a lot more about him over the last week and a half, I am convinced that he is going to make the necessary changes to turn this franchise in the right direction.  The one thing that you consistently hear about him is that he is a leader, and that is what this young team needs right now.

I will put up an open thread for Muchak's introductory press conference at 2:45.  Titans Online is carrying it live as are most of the Nashville news websites.