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Wyatt: Titans To Name Mike Munchak Coach As Early As Today

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Jim Wyatt has been saying all along that Mike Munchak will be the next head coach of your Tennessee Titans, and he is saying that an announcement could come as early as today. At first I was completely against the Munchak hire, but as time has past I have gotten on board with it. You haven't heard anything but ringing endorsements for him from everyone who has ever worked with him.

My one hesitation is still that the only model he has for being a head coach is Jeff Fisher, but from everything I have heard it seems that Munch is an extremely intelligent person so he should be able to keep in place the things that worked and change the things that didn't.

The biggest thing for him will be who he surrounds himself with on the staff. I fully expect him to keep Mike Heimerdinger as his offensive coordinator, and I hope he looks outside for a defensive coordinator. Then he will have to hire his replacement as offensive line coach, a running backs coach, a quarterbacks coach, a wide receivers coach, and a defensive line coach. Then he will have decisions to make if he is going to keep Dave McGinnis as linebackers coach, Marcus Robertson as secondary coach and Alan Lowry as special teams coach. Oh yeah, and then he has to find a quarterback.

There is no doubt this is going to be a tall task for Munchak, but I really do have faith that he is up for the challenge. I think he will get some good help from Mike Reinfeldt. It appeared that Reinfeldt had a lot more say in the 2010 draft than he had before, and if that is any indication of how good he is at evaluating talent this franchise is going to be just fine.