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BREAKING: Mike Munchak Named Tennessee Titans Head Coach

According to multiple sources including Jim Wyatt tweetin', Titans offensive line coach Mike Munchak has been named the Tennessee Titans head coach, to the surprise of no one. A press conference has been scheduled for 3 pm central time, and will be carried live on 104.5 The Zone.

Many members of the Titans coaching staff have said that Munchak would make a good coach, and that he is a natural leader. One reason Munchak could work is due to his familiarity with the staff, as well as with the team. With a possible lockout looming, the fact that Munchak already knows the system is a good thing. With limited time to practice before the season, you don't want a coach that has to learn names.

Munchak will command respect, that's for sure. That's what you get when you have a bust in the Hall of Fame, and coached some of the greatest offensive lines in franchise history. Munchak is a no-nonsense guy, which bodes well for the Titans after Fisher's "player's coach" style. I think we see the return of two-a-days in training camp.

The real story is about which assistant coaches he can hire. Currently, the Titans are void at coaches at running back, receiver, defensive line, defensive coordinator, and now offensive line. Look for news of Munchak's former teammate Bruce Matthews to be hired as the new offensive line coach, according to John McClain, and Ray Sherman will probably get a look at the receiver coach.

Tthe strength of this Titans team definitely seems to be the offense, not the defense, and considering Munchak is an offensive line coach, he could tailor the offense to carry this team, along with Mike Heimerdinger. More reason that the defensive coordinator hire will be perhaps bigger than even the head coach.

While Munchak has never officially been a head coach, he did have some experience while Mike Heimerdinger was being diagnosed with cancer and was in chemotherapy. That being said, coaches with no coordinator experience are usually hit or miss. Raheem Morris is one assistant turned coach that worked out, while Mike Tice is on the other end. Munchak said in his Hall of Fame induction speech in 2001 that he tries to use the coaching techniques and philosophies of coaching legend Bill Walsh. That can never be a bad thing, as Walsh was the originator of the West Coast offense.