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Super Bowl XLV Prop Bets

One of the more fascinating things that goes on around the Super Bowl is the plethora of prop bets there are out there. You can bet on everything from which side the coin will land on to how much time will be left on the clock when the winning team dumps Gatorade on their coach. The folks over at National Football post took a look at a few of their favorites.

I really like the under on largest lead of the game (13.5). I think this is going to be an outstanding football teams. Even in the Super Bowl it is rare that you get two teams with outstanding offenses and defenses, but we have one this year. I expect it to be a tight game from start to finish.

The over/under on interceptions thrown (2.5) is a tough one. You have two quarterbacks that are really good against two ballhawking secondaries. I have a feeling that each QB throws one pick, but I wouldn't put a whole lot of money on it if I were a betting man.

The bet the house on this list is the over/under on Packers rushing yards (78.5). The Packers don't run the ball well at all. I really can't see anyway they get anywhere close to that number. You can take that one to the bank.

The open thread for the Super Bowl will open at 5:00 Central.