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The Tennessee Titans and the Franchise Tag

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John Glennon has a story today about how the franchise tag could impact the Titans search for a QB.  It has yet to be determined if the tag will be available to teams, but Glennon's example of the Eagles and Michael Vick is just one in a long list of players that will be impacted by whatever decision is made regarding the franchise tag.

He then went on to talk about guys that the Titans could possibly franchise, and his two examples are Jason Babin and Leroy Harris.  There is a case that could be made for franchising Babin.  He did have 13 sacks last year, but many of us believe that Jim Washburn, who is no longer here, had a huge hand in that.  Babin's highest sack total before last season was 5.  The franchise number for a DE would be around $13 million.  The Titans would be better served to find a multi-year deal with Babin that giving him that kind of money.

Glennon also mentions Leroy Harris as "another valuable player."  Franchising him would cost $11 million, and be one of the dumbest moves ever.