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Super Bowl Prediction Thread

We haven't really talked much about the Super Bowl with all that has been going on with the coaching search, but I wanted to open a thread to get your predictions on how you think the game is going to play out. I will be cheering for Packers just as much as I cheer for the Titans when they play. I cannot stand the Steelers fans or their quarterback, and it is mind boggling to me that Rapesburger has now gotten a pass on everything that happened just because they are in the Super Bowl.

I like the Packers in this game. They have the ability to spread the field, and offense that can do that have good success against that defense. Just look at what the Patriots did to the Steelers in week 10.

Either way it should be a pretty fun game to watch. Both of these teams are really good on both sides of the ball, so it could be a low scoring slobber-knocker, or it could be a shoot-out.

Let me know how you think it will play out.