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Steve McNair the Inspiration for the Song "Country Strong"

Jim Wyatt highlighted a pretty cool story this morning from something called "The Boot."  Apparently the Jennifer Hanson, who wrote the song "Country Strong," got the idea from an interview with Steve McNair.  According to Wyatt's story, Hanson's husband got the idea when he saw an interview with McNair where he said the boys on the team called him "Country Strong."  Gwyenth Paltrow released the song last year as her movie with the same title was coming out.

I think all of us who watched Air McNair play would agree that "Country Strong" is a perfect nickname for him considering all of the injuries he played through in his career.  August and I were talking the other day about how his death still stings any time we read a story or anecdote about him.  I just hope that the next quarterback the Titans bring in has even half of the heart and dedication that #9 did.