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2011 NFL Combine Workout Schedule

Getty Images

The actual workouts at the 2011 NFL Combine have started this morning with the offensive lineman. Here is the full the schedule for the position groups:

Saturday: Kickers, offensive lineman and tight ends
Sunday: Quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs
Monday: Linebackers and defensive linemen
Tuesday: Defensive backs

Most of the workouts will be televised live on the NFL Network. You can also watch the workouts live online by clicking here. Watching some of this stuff can be about as exciting as watching paint dry- especially when it comes to the offensive lineman running the 40.

The Titans probably aren't spending a lot of time on the top end prospects among the offensive lineman and tight ends, but they will be looking to add both positions in the later rounds of this draft.

Use this thread to discuss anything interesting you see during today's workouts. I will try and round up some interesting links from what goes on today and post them in the morning.