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Audio: TCU QB Andy Dalton from the NFL Combine

Our friend mgrex hooked us up with some audio from the NFL Combine again today sending along Andy Dalton's interview from today. (Listen here) Dalton talked about what it was like to start as a freshman, that he followed the Oilers/Titans growing up, and the transition from being a spread guy to the pro style offense.

Dalton is a guy that is intriguing to me. He seems to have a lot of the intangibles you want a quarterback to have, but it is still uncertain if he has the arm strength and accuracy to play the position. The reason he is so interesting for the Titans is because he might be a guy that is on the board when their third round pick becomes available. Of course all of this will depend on how much the Titans like him, but if you can spend your first two picks on guys that can come in and help from day one, and get a QB in the third round that you are high on, you have to be pretty happy with that draft.