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A Change of Culture for the Tennessee Titans

Terry McCormick wrote an article a coupe of days ago about Mike Munchak putting his stamp on the Titans. The premise of the article is that Munch is in the process of changing the culture within the Titans locker room:

What Munchak has done in a short period of time is completely change the culture among the coaching staff at Baptist Sports Park.

Long off-season vacations, afternoon golf outings and the country club atmosphere that prevailed in the final years of Fisher's tenure will be in short supply on Munchak's watch until the problems that have beset the team and the organization are fixed. And even when they are, don't expect the laxness to return in full force.

I know there has been a lot of talk about the choices of Chris Palmer and Dave Ragone for the coaching staff, but overall I feel really good about what Munchak has done in a short period of time. He hasn't been afraid to make the changes that needed to be made, and the theme of the coaching staff seems to be good teachers. Fisher had some good coaches on his staff at times, but he coached here for 17+ years and only had two three coaches that worked under him get head coaching jobs. Not exactly the Bill Walsh coaching tree there (which Fisher is actually a part of).

All of that to say that it seemed at times like Fisher's staff was more about his buddies than guys who could actually coach. Sure, Munchak has hired a lot of people that he is friends with, but I don't expect them to keep their jobs very long if they aren't producing results.

McCormick went on to say that in the end Fisher was more of an image than a football coach:

Was Fisher a good coach? Yes, good, but not great as his reputation had been built up to be over his long span in Tennessee. His reputation improved because he came off as likeable and charming, he managed to wield a lot of power inside the organization and throughout the league as co-chairman of the NFL competition committee.

Munchak has already said he will be about hard work. He doesn't want to hear excuses. He just wants guys to show up to work on time, do their jobs and win football games. That is going to be a fresh approach that I am looking forward too. It is tough to see how this Titans team will be good next year, but I don't see it taking long for the new culture to take over and for us to see results on the field.

(h/t to TNTitan89 for posting a link to this article in the fanshots)