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Audio: Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak Speaks at the NFL Combine

First off, a HUGE thanks to mgrex for recording the session with Mike Munchak speaking at the NFL Combine today.  You can listen to the two audio files here and here.

Some highlights:

  • Munchak talked about how they will evaluate players.  He said that their film from college is the most important thing, but they will put a lot of weight on how guys answer questions they are asked.  He said adding leaders will be important.
  • He was asked about the franchise tag, and he said that the Titans have no plans to use a tag at this point.  No real shocker there.
  • He was asked specifically about Kerry Collins and pretty much dodged the question.  He said that Collins played well when called upon the last couple of years and that he could still help a team win in the right system, but was completely non-committal on whether or not he would be back with the Titans.

  • He did once again say that they would be looking to add a veteran QB.
  • He was asked about Josh McCown and replied, "Who?"