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Broncos Coach John Fox Says Kyle Orton is His Starter

Broncos coach John Fox said "Kyle Orton is our starter" at QB and downplayed any trade possibilities #Titansless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

John Fox said today at the NFL Combine that Kyle Orton is his starter.  It is not surprising at all to hear him say that.  Orton was easily the best QB on their roster last year, and it is no secret that Tebow was Josh McDaniels's boy.  The combination of Fox and John Elway don't seem all that high on Little Timmy.  They also have Brady Quinn, but he isn't good.

The other reason that statement from Fox isn't surprising is that saying they want to hang on to Orton helps his trade value.  If Fox comes out and says that he wants or needs to trade Orton, teams are going to try and low ball the Broncos with offers when the time comes.

Obviously this is relevant to us because Orton is a guy that the Titans would take a look at if he were on the trading block.  You would have to give up something to get him, but he seems like a much safer option than any of the QBs that are set to be free agents.