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Don Banks Mock Draft: The Titans and Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt

Don Banks of has put out his pre-combine mock draft today, and he has the Titans taking Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt at #8:

As desperate for quarterback help as the Titans are, I can't see them talking themselves into drafting another top 10-rated, spread-offense, passing/running threat who's fresh off a big showing in a national championship game win over a Pac-10 team. So, no, I don't have Tennessee going for Auburn's Cam Newton at the moment, given that the Vince Young similarities are a little too plentiful to ignore. In Watt, the Titans would be getting a playmaker who can make a difference in either a 3-4 or a 4-3 formation, and one of the first-round prospects scouts have rising the fastest in this pre-draft season.

This might be the worst possible scenario for the Titans. Banks only has one quarterback, Gabbert to the Bills at 3, going before the 8th pick, and he has guys like Von Miller and Marcell Dareus off the board as well.

Watt might end up being a good NFL player, but I don't want him with the 8th pick. I would rather see the Titans take Prince Amukamara or Robert Quinn if the draft plays out like this.