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Video: Blaine Gabbert Prepares for the NFL Combine

After the jump is a video from SportsCenter that shows some of the things Blaine Gabbert is doing to get ready for this week's combine. Gabbert is being tutored by Terry Shea who was a QB coach and offensive coordinator in the league for 8 years.  Shea has tutored some guys that have gone on to be pretty good early on in Matthew Stafford, Josh Freeman and Sam Bradford.

Gabbert won't throw in Indy, but he will go through the interviews.  How he does in those interviews is almost as important as how he throws.  The video talks about the preparation he is going through with the "chalk talk" that teams will put him through.  That means that they will show him different plays and ask him what he should do, or even review plays from his film at Missouri and ask him about the reads that he made.  Those are the types of things that I would love to be in the room to watch.