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Tennessee Titans Fire Two More Assistant Coaches

Mike Munchak is still in the process of cleaning house. Yesterday he fired assistant secondary coach Tim Hauck and assistant special teams coach Marty Galbraith. Those people who are claiming Bud Adams is cheap need to take a step back and look at what has happened this offseason. Bud has allowed Munchak to fire Mike Heimerdinger, who probably made close to a million a year, and 4 more lower level assistants. Bud is also paying Jeff Fisher and Chuck Cecil not to coach this year. I have no idea what the total paid is to coaches not under contract, but it is a pretty big number. If Bud was cheap he would have made Munch keep everyone that was on staff under contract.

I would expect Munchak to add most of these lower level guys at the combine that starts Thursday. I know this whole staffing thing hasn't worked out the way we all expected, but it is too early to panic. We aren't going to know how good this staff is until we actually see them work.

Smash told me this morning that the Titans are the laughing stock of the Texans. Just keep this in mind, the Texans have never made the playoffs. Ever. So maybe if they are laughing at the Titans it isn't a bad thing.