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2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton to the Titans in Latest SBN Projection

I have tried to tell Brian that there is no way the Tennessee Titans will draft Cam Newton, but he apparently refuses to listen because in his latest mock draft at he has the Titans doing exactly that:

8. Tennessee Titans: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn. People will inevitably come to the conclusion that the Titans either will, or will not, consider Newton because of the concluding Vince Young era. Vince Young has nothing to do with Cam Newton. The Titans need a quarterback, and Newton is a potential star.

Brian says in the write-up of the 49ers pick that Newton does not fit Jim Harbaugh's personality.  I think you could make the exact same argument about Mike Munchak.

All of that may be true, but I just cannot see any scenario where the Titans take Newton.  This conversation is really irrelevant anyway because a team in the top 7 is going to fall in love with Cam Newton in shorts and take him.  He will not be on the board when the Titans make their selection.

Given the way that draft played out, I would rather see the Titans take a guy like Robert Quinn who can come in and make a contribution from day one.