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Schefter: Former Colts S Bob Sanders visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars

Former Colts S Bob Sanders is in Jacksonville, visiting Jags today. As a released player, Sanders is free to sign w/ a team until March 3.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

Adam Schefter is reporting that Bob Sanders is visiting with the Jacksonville Jaguars today. We talked a little bit last week about if Bob Sanders would be a good fit for the Titans.  I still say there is basically no point in signing him with his injury history, but I also would like to see him sign somewhere outside of the division because there is no doubt he is a stud when he is healthy.

I did not realize that players who are released during this time are free to sign with someone until the league year ends, which as Schefter mentioned, is March 3rd.  It would probably be pretty tough to work one of those deal with all of the uncertainty of what the new CBA will bring, but I bet Sanders gets a deal before the 3rd.

Does anyone think the Titans even bring him in for a look?  I don't.