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MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Favorite TV Show

So things can get a little slow around here during the offseason.  We have been trying to think of ways to keep the site interesting during the long months where there is no football.  Yesterday SuperHorn opened an offseason thread that we will keep running throughout the offseason.  Go ahead and start any discussion that strikes your fancy in there.  At some point in the next couple of weeks smash will start the caption contests again.  I have decided that each Saturday night I will post a thread with some type of off topic discussion that gets away from football and allows us to have a little fun.

Tonight we start with TV shows.  What is your favorite TV show that is currently running?  Mine after the jump.

Mine used to be The Office, but it hasn't been as good the last couple of years as it was the first couple, and I am having trouble seeing how the show is going to be as good once Michael Scott leaves.

So that leaves me with a toss-up between Friday Night Lights and NCIS.  FNL has already aired it's final season on DirecTV, but I haven't seen it yet because I don't have DirecTV (If you have, don't tell me anything about it.)  The show is less about football than the name would suggest, but it is still excellent.  Marriage counselors should use the interactions between Coach Taylor and his wife to show people how to solve their problems.

NCIS is just awesome.  Good crime drama with quite a bit of humor, and Gibbs is my hero.