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Munchak: Alan Lowry Will Stay on as Titans Special Teams Coach

Munchak says Alan Lowly is staying on as special teams coach. #Titansless than a minute ago via Plume

Paul Kuharsky is reporting that Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak said Alan Lowry will be staying on as special teams coach. It is funny to me that Lowry has no outlasted Jeff Fisher and Floyd Reese. You might remember a few years back that Reese wanted to fire Lowry, and Fisher flew to Houston to talk Bud Adams into keeping him on. That was what really put a strain on Reese and Fisher's relationship and was the beginning of the end for Reese here in Tennessee.

Anyway, not surprised to see Lowry staying on considering his unit had one of the best seasons in his tenure here in 2010. There is no reason to think 2011 will be any different because all of the key pieces will be coming back in 2011.