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Titans Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer Introductory Press Conference

Chris Palmer was officially introduced as the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator yesterday. You can read the full transcript here. This is what he had to say when asked about his run to pass ratio:

We’d like to have a minimum of 65 plays – 35 of them runs and 30 passes. We’d like to have time of possession where we’re up in the 32 range. That’s what our goals are. We’re going to try not to turn the football over, protect the ball, all of the things that you preach to an offense. You know, can’t hurt yourself with negative plays. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to take chances based on the players we have. So that’ll unfold as the season goes on.

He went on to say that he doesn't see that as a necessarily conservative philoshophy when you are handing the ball to an explosive back like Chris Johson which is a good point. The one thing I really hope he does is find ways to get CJ involved in the passing game. I want to see him split out wide, and I would love more than anything to see the Titans learn how to run a screen pass to him.

Palmer did say that he won't be putting in a whole new playbook which seems logical. He will keep what he thinks will work, throw out what doesn't, and add things to make the offense better (fingers crossed).

I still cannot say that I am super excited about Palmer, but I like the things that he said yesterday. I am willing to reserve my judgement until I see some games that he coaches for the Titans.