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Fantasy Football: Jared Cook A "Name to Watch"

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Our friend Mike Clay over at Pro Football Focus posted an article earlier today and listed Titans TE Jared Cook on his "Names to Watch" list:

The good news is that Bo Scaife is out the door and Jared Cook clearly took over as the team’s top receiving tight end late in the season. After running a total of just 35 pass routes from weeks 1-11, Cook ran 18+ in 5 of the team’s final 6 games. That run was highlighted by a combined 19 targets over weeks 16 and 17.

Any sentence that leads off with "The good news is that Bo Scaife is out the door" is one of my favorite sentences ever.

Chris Palmer, in his introductory presser earlier today (more on that later), is very excited about Cook according to Jim Wyatt.

We here at MCM complained for a year and a half about Cook not being on the field.  The Titans coaches finally got over their stubborn refusal not to play him and it paid off.  Palmer has already identified Cook as a playmaker, so I am hoping that we see big things from him starting in week 1.