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Colts Released Bob Sanders; Kuharksy Thinks Titans Should Take a Look

The Colts announced today that they have released safety Bob Sanders. The oft-injured Colts safety has played in just 9 games over the past three seasons after signing a 5-year $37.5 million dollar contract in 2007.

Paul Kuharsky thinks the Titans should take a look at Sanders. He mentions the fact that it is pretty likely that Tennessee will be looking for a replacement for Chris Hope who is due to make $6.5 million in 2011. It is pretty likely there will be a salary cap again in 2011, and it wouldn't make sense at all for the Titans to bring Hope back at that number.

Kuharsky obviously points out that any deal that is done with Sanders should be a minimum deal loaded with incentives. I am still not sure I would be interested. The financial risk is really low if he will agree to a deal like that, but he hasn't proven anything over the past 3 years other than the fact that he cannot stay healthy. Is there really any point in bringing a guy in, no matter how talented and cheap he is, if he can't ever get on the field?

I think the Titans would be better served putting their efforts into developing guys like Robert Johnson, Nick Schommer and Myron Rolle for Hope's job.