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2011 NFL Draft: Stay Away from Ryan Mallett

I have made no secrets about the fact that I want the Titans to stay as far away from Ryan Mallett as possible. He probably has the best arms of any of the quarterbacks in this class, but he is a statue in the pocket, isn't good in big games and has plenty of off the field red flags.

I came across this interview he did yesterday, and he isn't doing anything to win his critics over with stuff like this:

A lot of people believe that if you would have led the team back to a comeback victory over Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl on that final drive rather than throw the interception to seal the game you would have been a top five pick without question. Do you feel that one play hurt your draft status?

"You know I don’t think so, stuff…I mean things happen all the time. I’m going to come back whenever I get on the field again fired up. I’m not beheaded for it all. You know it was kind of a…I don’t want to say a fluke deal. The way they [Ohio State] ran the blitz it was a busted assignment and when I turned back and got to my hot read the guy was there and I never saw him."

Mallett has got to be the man there and step up and take the blame. That is what being the quarterback is all about. I know it isn't fair to judge him from this one interview, but this seems to be a pattern with him.