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Nick Fairley Wishes Coach Tracy Rocker Well With the Titans

Just talked to Coach Rock. Congrats to him. The Titans got a great coach but a even better MAN! Can't thank him enough for all he did for meless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Obviously Nick Fairley is a big fan of Coach Rocker, and Fairley's draft profile is one of the best lines on Rocker's resume.  Fairley is obviously a very bright mark on Rocker's resume, considering he could be the #1 overall pick in this year's draft, but Rocker also worked with Cowboys DE/OLB Demarcus Ware and Giants DE Osi Umenyiora while at Troy according to Jim Wyatt.

I am really excited about what Rocker is going to bring to this team, and there is a good chance the Titans are going to get him a very high quality player to work with at #8.

At this point I am a lot more excited about the defensive staff than the offensive staff.  At least Jerry Gray had some good defenses after I was in high school....