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Mike Munchak Doesn't Seem So Sure the Titans Will Add a FA Quarterback

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Steve Underwood told us at the Jeff Fisher exit press conference that the Tennessee Titans would be signing a veteran QB and drafting a QB. Well head coach Mike Munchak was on Mike and Mike this morning, that would make it Mike, Mike and Mike for those of you scoring at home, and he said that the impending lockout is going to make it hard for the Titans to add a veteran quarterback:

It makes it very difficult this year, I think, assuming there’s going to be the lockout here in a few weeks," Munchak said on Mike and Mike in the Morning. "I’ve been part of a lockout and a strike in ’82 and ’87, and unfortunately, as a head coach, I’d love to be in the free agency market in a couple weeks, looking for possible quarterbacks, veteran guys that I think could lead the team. But it’s going to be put on hold, I assume, so all the attention will be on the draft, and looking at possibilities there.

If you notice, the headline at PFT reads Lockout will keep Titans from adding free agent QB (emphasis mine). I don't think that is exactly what Munch said, but I think it does make it a real possibility that the Titans are going to be looking to get their guy in this draft. Does that mean they will spend the 8th pick on a QB? Not necessarily because they may have a guy in mind that they think they can get at 40, but one of the first two picks is going to be a quarterback. I just hope they really do their homework and pick the right guy. If they think that is Blaine Gabbert at 8- fantastic. If they think it is a guy like Christian Ponder or Andy Dalton that they can pick up in the 2nd round- even better.

The combine cannot get here quickly enough.