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Initial Impressions from Titans Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray's Introductory Press Conference

I like Jerry Gray. He spent most of his press conference talking about how players need to take ownership of the defense and play with discipline. I think we can all agree that the Titans defense under Chuck Cecil was very undisciplined. Gray made it pretty clear today that playing undisciplined isn't going to fly with him. Hopefully that means an end to the 2-3 offsides penalties we saw per game last season.

Gray also talked about tweaking his scheme based on the strengths of his players. That is something we didn't see much of under Jeff Fisher, and we have already heard Mike Munchak and Gray mention changing based on the strengths of personnel. That is an encouraging sign.

It was really odd that the Titans decided to announce today that Chris Palmer is going to be the offensive coordinator when they already had the Jerry Gray press conference scheduled. There were only a few questions asked to Gray before the questioning turned to Palmer. Then again, there aren't a lot of things the Titans do these days that aren't odd.

Anyway, I think Gray is a good hire. I think we will see a more prepared and disciplined Titans defense whenever we get to see football again.