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Tennessee Titans Name Chris Palmer Offensive Coordinator

Multiple sources report that former Cleveland Browns head coach Chris Palmer has been named Titans offensive coordinator.

Palmer has a 20 year NFL coaching career, with the Giants, Cowboys, Texans, Browns, Patriots, Jaguars and Oilers. Most recently, he was the head coach of UFL's Hartford Colonials. He was the QB coach for the Giants in 2007 when they won the Super Bowl.

He has coached quarterbacks, wide receivers, offensive line, and he has been a head coach and offensive coordinator. Experience will be a huge thing for the rookie QB we will probably draft.

From The City Paper:

"I was able to talk to a number of candidates and Chris was the coach who fit what I was looking for," coach Mike Munchak said. "Chris has a wealth of experience as a coordinator and a coach. He is a great teacher of the game and has been around a variety of good coaches and winning football programs. He has helped develop many quarterbacks and understands what that process is like, as he raised their games to a high level over time."

"I have known [Munchak] as a player and a coach for 21 years. He was an outstanding player and is a terrific coach," Palmer said. "... Offensively, I am very impressed with the personnel they already have in place, but it doesn't matter what level you are talking about - high school, college, pro - you are only going to be as good as your quarterback and that will be something we work on.

"I also believe in running the football and the Titans have historically done such a good job of that, whether it was Eddie George or Chris Johnson. Running it creates opportunities in the play-action game and helps the quarterback."

Adam Schefter calls this a good hire, while Gregg Rosenthal from NBC says "A well respected guy with poor results in last 2 big spots (Cle, Hou). Palmer usually gets a pass because he led expansion offenses. But others have done much better in similar spots."