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Titans DE Jason Babin is Not Interested in the Franchise Tag

A lot of franchising gone on in the NFL....... I hope the Titans are not getting any idea's....less than a minute ago via web

I am not sure I would take that stance if I were Jason Babin. I understand wanting the security of a long-term deal, but the franchise tag number for him would be around $13 million.  That seems like a pretty good pay day for a guy that wasn't making anywhere close to that this past season on a 1-year deal.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with Babin.  He has been tweeting this whole offseason like he plans on being back here next year, but he just has the looks of one of those guys that hits the open market and gets an offer the Titans aren't willing to match.

The one thing that might work in the favor of the Titans and Babin is that we really have no idea how long the free agency period is going to be.  It appears impossible that they will get a deal done in time for it to be the normal period, and if the thing stretches into August there is a chance that the free agency period could only last a week.  If that is the case, you will see a lot of guys heading back to their current teams on shorter deals.