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UPDATED Titans Coaching Search: Jerry Gray Maybe Staying At Texas

Why anyone would want to stay in Texas is beyond me, but apparently Jerry Gray has decided that he is going to stay in Texas instead of becoming the next defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans. It has apparently been his dream to be part of the Texas staff, so good for him. Rumor is that he is making about $450,000 a year there. It is hard to believe that he would turn down something around a million dollars and the chance to be an NFL DC again, but to each his own.

I have no idea where Mike Munchak goes from here. Gray has been the guy from the day Munch was introduced. This isn't a heart breaker by any means because I wasn't sold on Gray being a good hire, but someone has to be the defensive coordinator.

The thing I don't want to happen out of this is Munchak settle for Dave McGinnis because he can't get anyone else.

(h/t to CalTitan who had this in the fanposts yesterday)

[UPDATE]- So apparently this report was just from a Texas person who was interpreting things the way he wanted. Here, from the Tennessean, is the way the conversation went down:

When one fan asked whether he was going to be moving, Gray replied: "Yes …. I’m moving from Seattle." Gray was Seattle’s defensive backs coach until about a month ago, so that response was a little vague as to whether he meant he was still in the process of moving to Austin, or whether he planned to move to Nashville.

When another fan followed by asking whether his response meant he was not going to Nashville, his brief response was: "No." Again, that’s hard to figure – did it mean "No, I’m not going to Nashville" or "No, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to Nashville."

So no real answer. It is time for Jerry to make up his mind.