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Clayton: Titans Denied Permission to talk to Bill Callahan

John Clayton is reporting that Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak asked the New York Jets for permission to interview Bill Callahan for the offensive coordinator position, but that the Jets denied permission. I had completely forgotten that Callahan was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders when they beat the Titans in the 2002 AFC Championship Game (Dang John Simon!).

After Callahan was fired by the Raiders in 2003, he went to the college ranks to coach Joy Kat's Nebraska Cornhuskers. According to Wikipedia, Callahan's tenure is "largely considered the largest failure in the modern history of the program." That's good, right?

Callahan has been an assitant head coach with the Jets for the past two seasons.

I guess Munch is serious about the West Coast offense because that Callahan's bread and butter. The idea of Callahan as OC is an intriguing one to me, but it is not to be.