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Titans Coaching Search: Green Bay QB Coach Tom Clements for Offensive Coordinator?

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As Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak continues his search for an offensive coordinator, the name Tom Clements is beginning to surface as a possible candidate.  Clements was the offensive coordinator for a couple of years in Buffalo, one under Gregg Williams, and has been the QB coach in Green Bay since 2006.  I am sure he would be better in his second stint as an OC considering he has had a couple of years to learn under Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

If Clements does end up being the guy, you can expect to hear a lot of rumors about the Titans being interested in Matt Flynn.  His name is already being floated around as a guy the Titans could bring in, but having Clements here would just add some fuel to that fire.

Flynn has had one good game in the NFL.  He might be a good NFL QB, we really have no way of knowing, and I wouldn't be opposed to the Titans bringing him here if the price was right.  I wouldn't give anything higher than a 3rd round pick for him. 

Another thing that is going to add fuel to this rumor is the relationship between Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt and Packers GM Ted Thompson.  They were roommates in college and worked together with the Packers.