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2011 NFL Draft: Titans and TCU QB Andy Dalton

Draft Tek has a new mock draft out, and they have the Titans taking Alabama DT Marcell Dareus in the first round, Texas CB Aaron Williams in the second round and TCU QB Andy Dalton in the third round. I really don't hate that if the Titans identify Dalton as a guy they think can be a franchise QB even if it is a couple of years down the road. In my opinion, there is no way they should pass on Dareus in round one unless they are convinced that their franchise QB is there. He is a stud defensive player that can make an impact from day 1.

The only question I have here is Williams in the 2nd. I haven't done much research on him, I am sure a lot of you can fill me in, but I think they should take Christian Ponder with that pick if he is sitting there. He is a guy that seems to have a lot of upside, more than Dalton, and taking him in the 2nd round would mean there wouldn't be as much pressure on him from the beginning.

That mock rounds out with the Titans taking NC State ILB Nate Irving in the 4th, LSU WR Terrence Tolliver in the 5th, Syracuse OLB Doug Hogue in the 6th and USC TE Jordan Cameron in the 7th.