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Today's CBA Bargaining Session Between Owners and NFLPA Cancelled

I haven't spent much time on the CBA negotiations here.  I am not really sure why.  Some of it is because it is really boring to talk about, and some of it is because I think I am in denial that there is going to be some time of work stoppage.  Both sides would have to be really stupid to kill the momentum the NFL has built in the last decade, but it looks more and more like they are going to do that.  The two sides met yesterday and were scheduled to meet today, but that meeting has been cancelled according to Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network.

Neither side is saying why the meeting was cancelled.  There is a chance that they got some stuff resolved yesterday and they are taking this time to go back to their respective camps and talk it over, but there is also the chance that being in the same room yesterday just pushed them further apart.

I think it is ridiculous that they don't already have this done.  They really should just lock themselves in room and not come out until it is done.  At this point they are both aware of what the sticking points are, so there is no reason not to just sit down and hammer it out.  What stinks is that the fans are the ones that are really going to suffer if any real football is missed- not the players or the owners.