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Titans Coaching Search: Jim Mora Jr. Wants A Call

Jim Wyatt talked to Jim Mora Jr today, and he said he would be interested in the Titans head coaching job:

If they were to express interest, I would certainly be interested.
Wyatt's article mentions that Mora worked with Ruston Webster, who is the Titans Vice President of Player Personnel, when Mora was the head coach of the Seahawks.

Mora has also previously been the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. He currently works for the NFL Network. I seriously doubt that Mora gets a call from the Titans considering we are 5 days deep into this "search" and we still don't have any word on anyone outside of the organization getting a call. The only name that was brought up was Ray Sherman. Mortensen threw his name out there yesterday, but Sherman has said, according to Wyatt, that the Titans have not contacted him.

I will do a full profile on Mora, Jr. in the morning.