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Mike Munchak on Nate Washington's Health

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It looks like Nate Washington is going to be really limited if he is able to play at all. That makes me really nervous thinking about the amount of snaps that guys like Lavelle Hawkins, Donnie Avery and Marc Mariani are going to play. It sure would be nice for them to get Jared Cook really involved in this one.

I will post the full injury report later, but after the jump you can read what Mike Munchak had to say about Washigton's health after today's practice.

(on if he has confidence that Nate Washington will be able to play)

I’m hoping, I know that he feels good about it and he feels that he has two more days to do it. You would love to see him do more today than he could have but he has been doing everything he can. You hope with something like that that at game time it’s one of those things that you can tape it up with adrenaline he can help us in some way on Sunday.

(on if Nate Washington will be at 100 percent on Sunday if he plays)

Yeah, he wouldn’t be. He would be like he was at the end of the game still where we think he can help us win and make plays, but there is no doubt that he will be handicapped somewhat.