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Week 14: Predictions From The Contributors and TennesseeTyrants

Gettin' down to the end of the season and we are already 4 wins better than I thought we would be. Sometimes it feels so good to be wrong.

One of my favorite usernames gets us started today.....reminds me of #53 everytime I see it.

TennesseeTyrants (6-5)

The outlook on this game has been pessimistic this week, but I'm a glass half full kind of guy. The Titans have finally proven they can win 2 games in a row. The defense looks like a whole new unit with Colin McCarthy making plays. The offense hasn't been playing lights out, but CJ is finally CJ. Plus, the Saints are only 3-3 on the road, one of those losses coming at the hands of a winless Rams team. This week, I think the defense is able to come up with some key turnovers, with someone on the D-line stepping up and putting pressure on Brees, and I think CJ has a big day carrying the ball, helping the Titans control the clock and keep Brees and company off the field.

Titans 27 - Saints 24

g wagon (6-4)

I'm back on the optimism train. I think it's ADub's fault, but I am feeling a W this week. Our field is not gonna be in great shape, CJ is running again and the Saints don't play well outdoors. As a Hasselbeck fanboy, I am also buying into the fact that he has faced them twice in the last year (not counting preseason) and beat them in the playoffs. Advantages: Titans. Oh, and Colin McCarthy.

Or maybe it's because the wife and I found out yesterday we are expecting a little girl and the Saints have a little girl named Mark Ingram on the team. Either way.

Titans 30 - Saints 28

br hal (3-3)

For some strange reason I feel like the Titans actually do have a decent chance to win against the Saints. Maybe it is because the Saints are a bit vulnerable on the road. Maybe it's because CJ is back from the dead and New Orleans is prone to giving up some big runs if you catch them in a blitz. Or maybe it's because im finally going to get to go to a game again AND I'm gonna be hanging with my man GRam before the game. Even Drew Brees can't stand up to that level of awesome.

Titans 31 - Saints 27

jimmy pujols (3-6)

This is a game that I have been scared of since the schedule was released. I think the Titans will keep it interesting, but a late score will give the Saints the W.

Saints 31 - Titans 27

DREESE IS ALIVE!!!!!! (4-4)

November is when the good teams start to separate themselves from the pack. If the Titans want to be a part of that, they'll have to take down possibly the best team on the schedule this week. New Orleans is on a tear right now. Darren Sproles filled the "void" that Reggie Bush (allegedly) left in the offense and has quietly been having quite a year. Jimmy Graham is always dangerous, and lead by Drew Brees, this offense has more than enough firepower to overwhelm a defense like Tennessee's. That's no knock on the defense either, New Orleans is just that loaded. If they want to win this week, they'll have to bring the pain on offense and probably find a way to sneak a few turnovers in on defense. CJ needs to continue to be vintage and Hasselbeck needs a return to form of sorts. When the season is on the line, somebody has to step up. I'm not sure the team is up to the task but hey, last time I predicted a blowout loss, we smacked Baltimore around a little bit, anything can happen!

Saints 30 -Titans 17

super.horn. (4-7)

The Titans are still right in the thick of a playoff race. So, obviously every game matters from this point on. For that reason, and that reason alone, I have to go with the Titans. The analytical side of me wants to break down all the reasons we should lose this game. The fan in me thinks that this team will find a way win with so much on the line. This game will serve as an excellent measuring stick as to where we are as a team at this point in the season. If we can't be at least competitive with the Saints, it's likely an indicator that we're not a playoff team.

Titans eek out a win by winning the turnover battle and relying on a heavy dose of an effective Chris Johnson.

Titans 23 - Saints 17
adub (5-5)

The Saints struggle on the road, and it's been over a month since they played outside, so the Titans have a few elements working in their favor. That said, they're far more talented on offense than we've ever been. My guess is that the Saints have an uglier game than normal, and we squeak one out at the end for no other reason than I can't bet against my boys.
Titans 35 - Saints 31

After last week, I went back through and calculated up all of the results from the poll voting in each prediction post. Needless to say, don't ever place a bet based on the outcome of the poll! MCMers (and others) voting in the poll every week have a record of 2-9 picking the outcome of the game based on our poll options!