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Jerry Gray Wants His Defense to be More Aggressive

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Jerry Gray wants people to be afraid of his defense.

"The biggest thing I think in this league is you have to start putting fear in guys from throwing the ball in the middle of the field,’’ Gray said Wednesday. "And if that means getting a letter from the commissioner on Monday, that means getting a letter from the commissioner.

"A lot of times you have to be able to let these guys know: You are not going to be able to throw the ball in the middle of the football field. This is not a basketball game; it is a football game. So the ball doesn’t go down the middle of our field. And that is what safeties should do in this league."

(via Wyatt)

I like that he went on record and said that. There isn't a nasty guy on this defense, and they are going to need a few of those guys if they are going to get back to the level they were when they were a top defense in the league.