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Mike Munchak on Running the Ball Against the Saints

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I have been saying all week that the key to beating the Saints is winning time of possession to keep Drew Brees off the field. Mike Munchak was asked about this today after practice:

You do, but we can’t just keep the ball. We’ve got to score points. I think against Detroit they had the ball 20 minutes and they scored 30-something points. So they can score quickly from anywhere. We know that. But definitely, offensively, we need to stay on the field and do things, but we just can’t blow opportunities because you only get so many times with the ball when you play a team like this. You have to be productive when you have the ball. Yeah, we want to stay on the field, but we also have got to score touchdowns to put pressure on them.

That is a great point Munch makes there. We all remember the Colts game against the Dolphins a couple of years back where Indianapolis only had the ball for about 10 minutes but won the game.

The Titans will need to take advantage of every scoring opportunity they get in this game, and they will need to get touchdowns, not field goals, from those opportunities.